Various Diamonds for our Custom Diamond Jewelry in Philadelphia PADiamonds have the power to help express your unique personality, making custom diamonds the clear choice when you’re shopping for diamond rings or seeking the perfect gift or engagement piece.

Steve Zipkind specializes in creating custom diamond rings and all kinds of custom jewelry, including:

  • Custom rings and specialty diamond rings
  • Diamond ring settings
  • Necklace pendant designs
  • Five diamond bands

Whether it’s for GIA certified diamonds in Philadelphia PA, diamond wedding bands in Washington, D.C., or classic engagement rings in New York, NY, Steve Zipkin has the expertise and the experience you need to find the custom diamond rings you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is you’re seeking, Steve is devoted to helping you through the process each and every step of the way. 

Offering services to customers in the New York City Diamond District, Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE, Steve invites to you to discover what the process of shopping for diamond rings should really be like!

Custom Diamond Rings Without the Sales Pitch

Here in Philadelphia, PA, jewelry stores are expensive to run. Managers must fill their stores with staff, decorate and adorn the space, carry their inventory, and invest in ads and marketing. Ultimately, the overhead is carried over to the customer and drives up your purchase price.

On top of that, your local Philadelphia, PA jewelry store may not even offer the customized options that you’re looking for. Many couples are also wary of the sales pressure that the staff applies as they make their sales pitch, as they are typically more concerned with closing the deal than doing right by their customers.

The Jewelry Experience You’ve Been Looking for, Right Here in Philadelphia, PA

Steve has an answer to the problem.

Steve Zipkin provides an atmosphere that is stress-free and without the sales spiel. Steve will listen to your needs, understand precisely the sort of custom diamond ring you want, and help you find exactly what you’re envisioning. Your conversation with Steve will include your description of the customized you want and your personal price range.

After your conversation, Steve will provide you with a selection of sample design based on your vision and within your discussed price range.

Each stone and diamond comes with a GIA certificate of authenticity. You can even provide a picture of the setting style you or your partner would like, or you can choose from over 100 of our example designs.

Your custom diamond ring or other piece will be personally crafted for you to match your price range and personal style.

Find Exquisite Custom Diamond Rings & Other Custom Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA Today!

Steve Zipkin offers custom rings and specialty diamond rings, diamond ring settings, necklace pendant designs, and five diamond bands for customers in the New York City Diamond District, as well as throughout Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE.

Find your perfect custom diamond ring by reaching out and calling Steve Zipkin directly today!