Many of us have experienced the stress of buying a fine jewelry gift. It is especially disappointing when the price is too high or the quality of the diamond or gemstone is too low.

Local jewelry stores are expensive to run. They must fill the store with attractive display furniture, staff, buy and carry the inventory and appropriately advertise. These costs are added to the cost that you, as the consumer, pay.

The store may not even have what you are looking for. They may have something similar, but not quite what you or your loved one envisioned. Most people also get a little uncomfortable about the sales pressure that is applied in these situations. The staff is typically more concerned with closing the deal than satisfying the customer because some of their salary is often based on commission.

A Diamond Buying Experience You Want

I have a solution.

I provide a no pressure atmosphere. I want to hear exactly what you are looking for so that I can help you achieve your vision. Our discussion will include a description of the diamond or gemstone ring, pendant, earrings, necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry and your price range.

I will provide a selection of primary stones, diamonds and other colored gemstones, all chosen specifically for your appointment and within the discussed price range.  You can examine them in one of my secure, non-retail locations at Jewelers’ Row on 8th & Samson Street in Philadelphia or 47th Street in the New York City Diamond District.

Each diamond or gemstone will have a GIA certificate of authenticity and physical characteristics. You can provide a picture of the setting style you like or you can choose from over one hundred sample designs.  View our gallery for an example of previously purchased jewelry.

Your piece of diamond jewelry will be custom made for you, to fit your style, design and price range.

Please call me directly, so I can help you have a rewarding and enjoyable diamond buying experience.

(direct) 856-430-8613