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Find Classic Engagement Rings in Philadelphia, PA

Whatever your preference may be, whether it’s Vintage or Halo style, our handcrafted classic engagement rings are exquisitely designed to take your breath away. Diamonds are capable of embodying your own unique style and individuality, making it well worth it to opt for expert customization.

Whether it’s for round diamond engagement rings in Delaware, shallow diamond cuts in Wilmington, DE, or GIA certified diamonds in Philadelphia, PA, Steve has the deep expertise to help you find what you’re looking for in a classic engagement ring, ranging from personalized designs to simple diamonds and engagement diamonds for sale. Whatever is the best shape for you and your needs, Steve is committed to helping you in your journey every step of the way.

Providing services to customers in Washington, DC, New York, NY (including New York City’s Diamond District), New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE, and the rest of Delaware, we invite to begin your engagement ring journey with us.

Find the Classic Engagement Ring You Want — Without the Stress

Many engaged or soon-to-be-engaged couples have experienced the stress of finding the perfect engagement ring. It can be especially disappointing when the price of the diamond you wanted is too high, or the quality of the diamond or stone is below your standards.

Indeed, a local jewelry store is expensive to manage. Jewelers must fill their stores with staff members and attractive display furniture, as well as buy and carry the inventory and invest in advertising. These costs add up and naturally carry over to what you, the customer, end up paying.

In fact, the jewelry store may not even carry precisely what you’re looking for, and while they might have something similar, it’s not necessarily quite what you or your partner envisioned. Many people also feel uncomfortable from the sales pressure that the staff applies in such situations, as they are typically more concerned with closing the deal than satisfying the customer.

The Engagement Ring Experience You’ve Been Looking For

Steve has a solution.

Steve Zipkin & Co. provides a no-pressure atmosphere so that he can hear exactly what you are looking for to help you achieve your vision for your classic engagement ring. Your discussion with Steve will include a description of the sort of ring you are looking for and your ideal price range.

Afterward, Steve Zipkin will provide a selection of primary stones, diamonds, and colored gemstones, all selected specifically for your appointment and within the price range discussed.

Each diamond and gemstone comes with a GIA certificate of authenticity and physical characteristics. You are free to provide a photo or picture of the setting style you would like, or you can select from over 100 of our sample designs or view our gallery for a sample of previously purchased engagement rings.

Your engagement ring will be custom made for you to match your style, design, and price range.

Find Your Perfect Classic Engagement Ring Today!

Steve services individuals and couples throughout Washington, DC, New York, NY (including New York City’s Diamond District), New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE, and the rest of Delaware. Whether you’re seeking personalized designs, simple diamonds, or engagement diamonds for sale, Steve will ensure that you find the best shape to match your personality.

Contact Steve for a no-obligation consultation.